Why come and study at the University of Miskolc?


~ Hungary is  a  beautiful, safe and welcoming country in the heart of Europe, inhabited by friendly, fun-loving people                 

~ it offers affordable cost of study and living, a good quality of life, an excellent infrastructure, health and sport services, a picturesque landscape and a flourishing culture

~ it is a great stepping-stone to the rest of Central and Eastern Europe - great rail networks heading to neighbouring and nearby countries like Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania

~ Miskolc has got several great restaurants of different price categories, intimate cafés and pubs, offering traditional and international dishes, great sorts of wine, beer and coffee, and a vibrant nightlife

~ the multidisciplinary faculties of the University of Miskolc possess competitive, practice-oriented engineering programmes, well-equipped, up-to-date facilities and laboratories, working on interesting projects and competitions

~ the University of Miskolc owns the largest and the most beautiful campus in Hungary, located in a spacious green park between the city centre and the picturesque Bükk Hills, giving home to many birds, squirrels and owls

~ the campus has a  modern infrastructure with student hostels, different kinds of sport facilities, libraries, an indoor swimming pool, restaurants and cafés - within an easy reach

~ studying in a multicultural environment with more than 300 international students