How to get to Miskolc?            

We are prepared to assist you in organising your travel to Miskolc from Budapest. The form of assistance may vary. Prior consultations via e-mail regarding your travel to Miskolc are inevitable. 

In case you do not need assistance you may choose from the following options. Please, let us know about decision in any case.

From Budapest to Miskolc

Airport Mini-bus

Before leaving for Hungary, you shall start organising your trip from Budapest to Miskolc as well. There are mini-buses which transport passangers from the airport directly to their destinations - in your case to UNI-Hotel in Miskolc. Please visit AGORATRANS website and make a reservation prior to your arrival. The company shall send you an English language SMS 24 hours prior to your pick up time when and where exactly you will be picked up at the Airport. It is a safe and comfortable way of getting to Miskolc for approx. 25 EUR (single ticket). Payment is possible in cash (EUR) to the driver.

Flixbus is another option, it offers bus routes in Hungary and neighbouring countries.


By train 

Another option to travel from Budapest to Miskolc is to travel by train. Take a taxi or an Airport Minibus ( costs approx. 10 EUR)  to get to Keleti Pályaudvar (Eastern Railway Station). Choose a replacement bus to Hatvan (because of current reconstruction works, there are no trains between Budapest and Hatvan.) From Hatvan you can travel to Miskolc by train.
You can find the IC timetable and can also buy tickets online at the following web site: A 2nd class ticket with seat reservation costs approx. EUR 20. You are advised to take an IC train instead of a regular train because ICs are much faster and more comfortable than regular ones.


From Tiszai Railway Station to the University 

By taxi

Once you arrived in Miskolc at Tiszai Railway Station, you shall take a taxi to get to the University. It costs approximately 10 EUR. 


By public transport

Numbered buses run in all directions across the city, and even beyond the city borders. Another means of transport is the tram (No. 1 and 2), running along the East-West axis of the town.
This is the route guide for how you can get from TISZAI railway station to the university:



  • take Tram Nr. 1 or Nr. 2 starting from the station

  • get off the tram at the 3rd stop (name of stop: SZINVAPARK). Here you have to  change to the bus. You simply cross the street (in the same direction) to the opposite side where you find the bus stop (in front of a Telenor mobile phone shop). Depending on the day and time when you arrive, you have to choose the right bus:

  • get on Bus Nr. 12 or 22 (they run on workdays from Monday to Friday between 4.00 am  and 7.00 pm.). Direction: EGYETEMVAROS (this will be displayed at the top  of the bus)

  • get off at UNI-HOTEL

  • get on Bus Nr. 20 (it runs on weekends and in early  morning/late evening hours on working days). Direction: TAPOLCA EGYETEMVAROS (this will be displayed at the top of the bus). Tapolca is the tourist district of Miskolc not far from the university. The bus goes onto the campus. You have to get off at UNI-HOTEL.