What can I study?

Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering

Earth Science Engineering, MSc

Petroleum Geoengineering, MSc

Environmental Engineering, MSc

Hydrogeological Engineering, MSc

Petroleum Engineering, MSc

Mikoviny Sámuel Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, PhD

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

Computer Science Engineering, MSc

Mechanical Engineering, MSc

Sályi István Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, PhD

Hatvany József Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology, PhD

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Engineering, MSc

Metallurgical Engineering, MSc

Kerpely Antal Doctoral School of Materials Sciences and Technologies, PhD

Faculty of Economics

Master of Business Administration (MBA), MA

Hantos Elemér Business and Regional Sciences Doctoral School, PhD

Faculty of Arts

Central European Studies, MA

Cultural Anthropology, MA

Faculty of Law

European  and International Business Law, MA

Deák Ferenc Doctoral School in Law and Political Sciences, PhD