26. May 2020. 10:15
HÖOK and University of Miskolc are seeking to appoint mentors for its Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network.
26. May 2020. 07:20
Restrictions are relaxed in Hungary, the lockdown is over. - Know more about it!
22. May 2020. 07:30
We would like to inform you that according to the statement published by Hungary's National Police Headquarters (ORFK) on 11 May, it is possible to submit a leniency application for entering Hungary during the state of emergency, provided you need to comply with examination obligation arising from your student status.
24. April 2020. 13:50
If you are a student in your final semester and wish to take part in the graduation ceremony in September 2020...
22. April 2020. 13:20
If you are planning to continue your studies at the University of Miskolc as a self-support student, check out the latest info!
09. April 2020. 10:35
Are you tired of watching dozens of films and series online all day long? Bored with studying or doing the 150th push-up? All the same routine every day?
03. April 2020. 13:10
Do you like reading? I think this is one of the most enjoyable pastimes, and especially now, during the quarantine or self-isolation it is really useful to have fun, laugh, relax or get to know more about the world around us.
To be honest, reading has always been my favourite hobby since I learnt to read.
Let me recommend you 10 amazing authors whose books you should read. These books are great favourites of mine, and I am sure it is worth giving them a chance if you have not known them before.
01. April 2020. 11:25
Here you can check out the new academic calendar for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic years.
30. March 2020. 10:25
In this article you can find all the statements of the University of Miskolc in connection with the coronavirus.
27. March 2020. 16:40
"Dear Students,

You have probably heard or read by now that the Hungarian Government is imposing a curfew restriction between 28 March and 11 April 2020, which means that you must not leave your place of residence/place of stay, except for work, basic necessities and well-founded reasons, which are the following (according to the Government Decision No 71/2020. (III.27 .))