02. December 2019. 14:30
Come and meet us at 15:00 on 10th December 2019 in Sopron hall (building A/4, first floor, facing the International Relations Office) at the first International ALUMNI Brainstorming Event to launch the INTERNATIONAL JOURNALIST BOARD (IJB) and become one of its very first team members!
09. October 2019. 07:35
Every year near the middle of October, a special day is celebrated around the world—thanks to a delegation of Hungarians 40 years ago! You might never have known about it or heard of it, but World Food Day is commemorated annually on October 16th in over 150 countries. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the issues behind poverty and hunger.
25. September 2019. 14:50
On 6th September 2019 the opening ceremony of the new academic year took place at the the Faculty of Earth Science, where the Dean and the Vice deans of the Faculty greeted the new students.
24. September 2019. 10:35
Would you like to apply for a scholarship? Have you heard about Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship?
26. August 2019. 11:00
Here is September, the new academic year has just started and you have already got a lot to do! However, life does not consist of studying only - there always must be some fun around. Check out this article and find out what kind of programmes you can find in Miskolc in this month!
13. August 2019. 13:05
This is not the Starks' mistyped watchword and this isn't an article about Game of Thrones. I am talking about university studies. It is 13th of August and soon the 2019/2020 academic year starts with old and new students. Are you looking forward to the new adventures?