Autumn is coming...

13. August 2019. 13:05
This is not the Starks' mistyped watchword and this isn't an article about Game of Thrones. I am talking about university studies. It is 13th of August and soon the 2019/2020 academic year starts with old and new students. Are you looking forward to the new adventures?

More than three hundred international students are going to start their first semester at the University of Miskolc this September from all over the African, American, Asian and European continents, getting closer to fulfil their dreams and plans. Our new self-funded students come from countries like Angola, Azerbaijan, China, Ghana, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Syria. After checking the application forms, the popular faculties seem to be this year:

* Earth Science and Engineering * Materials Science and Engineering * Economics * Mechanical Engineering and Informatics * Arts *

It is better not to forget that you have the possibility to continue studies in European and Business Law as well if you apply to the Faculty of Law. Maybe next time... ;) (The full list of the master and doctoral study programmes is always available [on this page].

It's going to be...

... really exciting, isn't it? The new semester means new subjects, new lecturers and new classmates, a lot of studying and a lot of work, written and oral examinations, (don't worry, there will be enough parties, visits to cafés, restaurants, museums and libraries, trips and excursions as well), therefore new friends, new challenges and new adventures!

Before being overwhelmed and lost among all these new opportunities, don't forget that

~ if you have any academic problems or questions, you have to talk to your Faculty Coordinator [list of the Faculty Coordinators];

~ if you have administrative problems or questions, you have to find the international coordinator or the international officer [here you can find them]

~ if you don't know whom to turn to, just turn to me, Ms Henriett Tóth, [send an email] or look for me in Building A/4 Room 106.


You can already check the official SCHEDULE of the 2019/2020 academic year, with the dates of the autumn study period, the examination period and the public holidays, if you visit [this page]. If any of your lessons might be cancelled, (hurray, a day off!), your lecturer will let you know about it in time through an e-mail or a Neptun message.

New and old students can also find the STUDENT GUIDE very useful: [read it online] - it is packed with all the necessary information and tips, updated and corrected for the new academic year, that an international student may need during his / her studies. Whether it is concerning about your studies or your possibiliies of entertainment and having fun, it is worth checking it first.

Don't forget to join the ALUMNIWORLD, the alumni system of the University of Miskolc, created especially for international students, therefore you can already be a member of the UM Family. Check out [the website] to explore what kind of advantages and possibilities are waiting for you! The registration takes only a few minutes (or less if you can type quickly) and you can do it [on the registration surface].

You should also join the FACEBOOK GROUP of our international students [like the Group] - don't let be misled by the name: it used to be the meeting place of the Stipendium Hungaricum students but from now all international students will belong here! 

We are looking forward to meeting you in September!

~ written by Henriett Tóth